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Interests include: #Emacs, #OrgMode, #elisp, #nodejs, #python, #sketchnotes, #parenting, #cooking, #gardening, #knitting, #sewing, #lego, #captioning, #plover #steno, and #stoic philosophy. Originally from Manila, now in Toronto. Married to a Vim guy (go figure) and raising a 7-year old (editor preference unknown), along with two very loud cats.

Blog: (mostly Emacs News these days), sketches: I also maintain and subed.el
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Getting things ready for tomorrow’s livestream at Sun Jan 21 7:30 AM EST (-0500) via YouTube. This time I’m going to try using to get my X230T’s video output over to another computer that can handle OBS. If it looks like it can handle it, I might even be able to get webcam video with background removal like the cool people do. ;) Notes at - little tweaks like copying to clipboard and running Org Babel Javascript blocks in my active Firefox tab using Spookfox, reflections on choosing things to hack on, and figuring out how to dynamically highlight directed graph SVGs made by Graphviz. =)

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