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Interests include: #Emacs, #OrgMode, #elisp, #nodejs, #python, #sketchnotes, #parenting, #cooking, #gardening, #knitting, #sewing, #lego, #captioning, #plover #steno, and #stoic philosophy. Originally from Manila, now in Toronto. Married to a Vim guy (go figure) and raising a 7-year old (editor preference unknown), along with two very loud cats.

Blog: (mostly Emacs News these days), sketches: I also maintain and subed.el
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I skimmed the tilvids Matrix chat and now I’m thinking about setting up my own single-user #PeerTube instance someday. :) Or maybe just replicating the icecast setup we use for EmacsConf… I think I might even have an old Icecast setup around here somewhere. I just want an ad-free privacy-respectful way for people to watch my livestreams if they want to. Maybe I don’t even need anything super fancy for the recordings, I’ll just convert them to webm, compress them, and use Org Mode to make a static web page that has the embedded videos with closed captions. Then I can put the captions outside the videos so that they don’t obscure the minibuffer or modeline. Someday!

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