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Interests include: #Emacs, #OrgMode, #elisp, #nodejs, #python, #sketchnotes, #parenting, #cooking, #gardening, #knitting, #sewing, #lego, #captioning, #plover #steno, and #stoic philosophy. Originally from Manila, now in Toronto. Married to a Vim guy (go figure) and raising a 7-year old (editor preference unknown), along with two very loud cats.

Blog: (mostly Emacs News these days), sketches: I also maintain and subed.el
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Experimented with livestreaming Emacs News as I categorized links. This was probably very boring for the two viewers who dropped in but which was a good opportunity for me to check if the 1st-gen Surface Book can be pressed into service as a streaming computer since the X230T can’t handle OBS. I think Jitsi dropped the meeting after a time limit and I didn’t notice, so I might try using either a BigBlueButton web conference or VNC to get my display over to the other computer. If I want system audio to be included, I could figure out the audio routing to get app audio + mic into BigBlueButton, and I can come up with a different plan if the X230T can’t handle it. Or I can try using ffmpeg to stream from the X230T since that’s lighter-weight than OBS, since I think I can use multiple audio sources as input.

Or I can skip streaming first, focus on getting the hang of recorded videos, and then revisit streaming when I’ve got more to say. =)

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