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Interests include: #Emacs, #OrgMode, #elisp, #nodejs, #python, #sketchnotes, #parenting, #cooking, #gardening, #knitting, #sewing, #lego, #captioning, #plover #steno, and #stoic philosophy. Originally from Manila, now in Toronto. Married to a Vim guy (go figure) and raising a 7-year old (editor preference unknown), along with two very loud cats.

Blog: (mostly Emacs News these days), sketches: I also maintain and subed.el
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Ooooh. If I stream the JSON from the speech recognition API (or see if just keeping track of timestamps is enough), actually, I could calculate the words per minute from the last 5 minutes of data and then update the modeline or set the buffer background to remind me to slow down if I’m over a target WPM, since otherwise I tend to be around 190. And maybe I can investigate piping system audio as another channel or to another process and display that in another buffer so that I can live-transcribe the other person’s side of the conversation…

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